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See what Mitchell's raving fans have to say!!!

From the moment we made our debut, the response to our time-honored and handcrafted recipes with worldly influences, has been nothing short or sensational.

Thank you all for your glowing reviews and words of encouragement and support. This is what drives us to continually produce top notch and delicious products at affordable prices.

If you’d like to share your positive experiences with our products or have a suggestion on how we could create even more fans, please let us know. We would love to hear from you!

Here’s a sampling of some of the emails and letters we’ve received:

I just tried your Coconut Dahl. I’m sooo in love! This is a game changer! I travel frequently and this is so much better than ordering out. I also love that you are Canadian. I’m a RN and health coach. I am going to incorporate this into my health talks"

Wow, Just made your apricot butter chicken. Fabulous! Love your soup mixes"

Easy to make and is helping this busy mommy feed her family healthy hearty meals. We loved the curry chick pea stew so much we went and bought a bunch of the other different mixes and we're looking forward to trying all of them. We've got the classic chicken and herbs on the stove right now and it's so fragrant. Can't wait to eat it."

“Hi there, I just tried your product for the first time last night and just
wanted to let you know how wonderful it was! Such a great product, made so well, and in a lovely package.”

High quality ingredients, excellent packaging, knowledgeable staff, diverse product list...AMAZING customer service. Mitchell's Soup Company has it ALL!"

“Hi, I make your Ginger Coconut Dahl for the first time and it was really delicious!! I will be looking for it again. Thanks.”

“Hi there, I am a new resident of the Cowichan Valley & Sat was my first ever trip to the Duncan Farmers market. We bought 2 soup mixes from your stand & the above salad mix. Made the salad mix for company Sunday evening & it was even yummier last night. You asked for feedback so I just thought I would let you know we loved it & will be back.”

“Hello! I bought the above mentioned prepack mix (ginger coconut dahl) from you about 6 months ago and cooked it tonight, adding the chicken and the mango. It was FABULOUS!!”

very easy and super delicious ..makes best homemade soups taste awesome and nutritious as well as not expensive"

“Hi, We were given a package of your soup mix and just had it for dinner – fantastic.”

“A friend gave me your rockin Moroccan soup for Christmas and everyone raved about it.”

“I recently tasted one of your soups at a friend's house and was very impressed by the quality of the product as well as the wonderful taste.”

“Hello, Your soup is sooooooooooo good. Both myself and my husband are enjoying it very much.”

“Hi Mitchell's soup company, we got your apple cranberry crumble package as a present a while back, just cooked it today - it was amazing. Thanks

Absolutely LOVE this company. The soup is amazing and delicious. It's awesome making a batch and having multiple servings ready to go in the freezer. And the customer service.... SPECTACULAR!"

Guilty as charged I had never heard of Mitchell’s Soups until I spotted the foodie contest. I honestly thought I’d never “ Buy “ soup as I’m a passionate home cook but I’m now a convert ! I kicked off with the Fog Pea yesterday and tried it first without adding Ham and then with . Both were outstanding! Today I’m going for the Country Chicken Chowder and hope my family can wait patiently while it undertakes a photo shoot before we dive in. I love the simple farm style packaging with eye catching content .Feels like homemade but effortless ,perfect!"

Best packaged mixes I've ever had!"

“Hi, I want to thank you so much for your fabulous concoctions, they have spruced up our dinners here to no end! Delicious!”

“Hi there. I had a package of your pea soup named "The Fog" and it was fantastic.”

“I don't believe i'm emailing this. Being from Scotland soup was our main staple which i have to say i make real good soup However, my daughter got me to try your Mulligatawny. I can't believe how good it is. Thank you for making my life easier, and less expensive.”
"We bought your Mulligatawny soup mix somewhere in Victoria area and loved it."
"I rarely email companies with feedback but in this case I felt I had to. I received 3 of your packages for Christmas and thought to myself, 'these things never taste that great' so I was fully prepared to have them sit in my kitchen cupboard forever. Then we got unexpected company and I have 7 month old so I needed a quick dinner idea. I pulled out your Apricot Butter Chicken recipe, threw it all together and baked. AMAZING!! It was so delicious and everyone was raving about it. So much so that I had to make the Chicken Fiesta Soup the next day for when we came off the mountain from skiing. What a perfect thing to come home to after a day in the snow. I have ONE package left, the Chuck Wagon Chili and my husband and I are fighting over who gets to make it and how soon."

We just had the Mexican Tortilla soup for dinner. The flavor was amazing and so easy to make. I’ll definitely buy this again!"

"Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your products, namely the soups. I love the way you package your product and the easy to use instructions, we just made the Country Corn Chowder tonight and it was a hit with everyone, including my toddler (and trust me, it's no easy task to please her at mealtime!"

"I purchased your soups at Kris Kringle in Parksview with the idea of giving them away for Christmas. After trying the first one, I changed my mind and kept them for myself. They are all so delicious, I can’t decide which is my favorite."

"Just received one of your soup mixes namely, Mulligatawny Soup from my Mom. And all I can say is the Packaging is Fantastic and VERY original ! ! "

"We have recently tried two of your soup mixes, and absolutely LOVED

"Recently I had shoulder surgery and my staff put together a "gift basket" for me. In the basket was a package of your "Ginger Coconut Dahl" mix. Wow - it was SO tasty and I would love to get some more!"

"I absolutely love your soups!"

The little soup company that could! I got onto this train a couple of years ago when these visually exciting little tubes of goodness showed up in my Christmas stocking. I am a believer and so is my family - get on the yummy train!"

"Your soups are awesome!!"

"We just made the curried chickpea stew... it is delicious!! So easy to make without a ton of prep or thought needed! We are excited to try a different one next week ! I can see this becoming a staple for the cold maritime winter months "

I first experienced their delicious soups when a friend served us some! (Chicken Chowder)IT WAS DELICIOUS!! One of the best soups I’ve ever had."
"I have a friend who is raving about your products and I can’t wait to try them."

"Thank you for making wholesome fast food! My husband and I were hungry and uninspired to cook and ended up feasting!"

"I just wanted to let you know that on a trip to Duncan market I came across your product, I bought 6 different items to date I have only had the Bubba shrimp Gumbo and I am in love with it!"

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your Mulligatawny Soup. It is excellent."

"I bought some of your products in July. We've enjoyed the soups immensely."

"We finished of 4 of your excellent soups and would like to purchase more."

I received my first soup as a stocking stuffer and was so pleased. They’re so delicious and some are super easy to make. I especially love the chicken chowder. I love that it makes so much because I can have it for a couple days. We just tried the pea soup and my kids actually gobbled it all up!! They love them too. The best part is they are local to where we live."

"OK… you’ve got me hooked. Now I need to be able to buy!I bought some of your mixes at the last Ladner Farmers Market and my family loves them."
"I just used your Beef Barley and we all loved it. Instead of ground beef I used hot Italian Sausage--amazing!"

"Hello good people------I was introduced to your products 2 years ago @ the Filberg Festival. My wife and I loved the apple curry couscous and so far have been happy with everything else we've tried.