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Why Artisan Foods?

What Makes Food Artisanal?

It seems there are quite a few companies and brands boasting that their products are artisanal simply to make what they’re selling more appealing to consumers. But can something made by machines on an assembly line in a warehouse really fit the bill?

We don’t think so.

At Mitchell's Soup Co. all of our products are truly artisanal since each of our recipes are handmade in small batches using only the highest-quality ingredients. From the skillfully blended spices to the jute twine we tie on each package, we are personally involved each step of the way to ensure each product you buy from us always exceeds your expectations.

We’d love to be able to have our products available at every farmer’s market and in every store, but since we put a great deal of time and detail into each recipe we create, that’s something we can’t achieve--at least, just yet. Until then, we appreciate your patience when you’re looking for one of our inspired creations and are unable to find them. Rest assured though, when you do, it’ll be worth the wait.