To Nourish Mankind- Mind, Body, and Soul

To meaningfully engage the skills of individuals to create products that partner with our customers in creating a traditional, authentic, artisan food experience

Core Values:

Integrity – We do the right thing for the right reason.

Excellence – We strive to always achieve a standard beyond compare

Respect - Valuing personal diversity while treating all people with dignity

Accountability - Having the courage to take responsibility for all our decisions

Fellowship - Investing in sound relationships for the benefit of all shareholders (Our business, customers, employees, and community)

Creativity - Pursuing innovation and uniqueness in our processes, culture, and products

Good Stewards – We live and spend well within our means, and avoid borrowing money or entering constraining contracts. We share what we have with those around us

Hard Work – We live and work with the conviction that hard work is essential in creating meaningful jobs, and creating value for our customers

Humility – We acknowledge the necessity for a diverse set of skills, opinions, and perspective in creating a meaningful organization. We admit when we are wrong. We desire to be challenged where we need to improve or where we have done wrong

Fun and Enjoyable – While our days are sure to be filled with challenges, we value an environment that is fun and enjoyable to exist in

Unconventional yet traditional – We value time tested morals and principals and avoid following the “latest thing” when it comes to business, relationships, and people

Be Real – We look to be honest and candid with who we are and what we do, desiring to create authentic relationships between business, employee’s and consumers. We avoid the manipulation of image, ideas, products or services to alter perceptions for our gain