Mitchells Soup Co

Where It All Began

Once upon a time when the world was swiftly approaching the year 2000, there was great concern that an upcoming computer flaw may cause system glitches around the globe. Rather than leave it to chance, a rather inventive lady living in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island decided to collect a substantial quantity of dried beans, legumes and rice to keep her family fed should food become scarce.

Nineteen ninety-nine ended at the stroke of midnight and when nothing happened the lady realized she wouldn’t be able to use all of the goods she had safely stored and a brilliant idea emerged! She would package all of these dried ingredients into little bags to sell as soup mixes at the local market. This she did for a number of years to great local review!

After a time, the inventive lady decided to move on to other aims and it so happened that the lady’s son was just returning from a sabbatical with his family. She offered her little soup business to him and he accepted. The idea of handmaking a healthy, family-friendly comfort food to take to market was very appealing. That the whole family could embark on this adventure together was an extraordinary opportunity.

The Lockhart family was officially in the soup business!

And so, the little soup company found its new name: Mitchell’s Soup Company; named after the eldest son in the Lockhart family.

Young Mitchell together with Dad, Mom, two brothers and a sister have been able to share in many valuable experiences & life lessons over the years all thanks to the little soup company that could.

The Lockhart family is Jamie, Erin and their 4 children, Mitchell, Gavin, Maddox and Isabella.

An Ongoing Tale

After a twist of fate and friendships formed another family was to be welcomed into the Mitchell’s Soup Company fold. Such fortune that this family would also embark on a soup making adventure together!

The Faris family of St. Thomas, Ontario would partner with the Lockhart family of Duncan, British Columbia in the year twenty seventeen. Paul & Suzanne Faris’ shared love of soup and a desire to stay true to the Mitchell’s culture would seal the deal. Keeping family and community close and focusing on quality, artisan values and making delicious, healthy food that they were proud to feed their own family would be the recipe for success.

And so it was that an unused school would become the next soup-making kitchen. It seemed only fitting that a historic building would be home to creating soup with a long history of its own!

The new soup making endeavor would become even more of a family affair with the first employee being Paul’s Father Peter who now spends his time out on the open road transporting soup orders to shops & taking care of sales and support. Later, Paul’s brother John would join the team in the role of Soup Artisan lead. Over in Alberta, Suzanne’s Father Dan, a long time woodworker, began to craft wood display stands to house soup and her sister Christy and Mother Anne would take Mitchell’s to the beautiful prairies of Alberta to vend at artisan markets & shows. As the Mitchell's Soup eating community has grown, so too has the soup making team. It has been a blessing, both in British Columbia and Ontario to find like-minded people who have become passionate soup artisans.

There can be no doubt there are many Mitchell’s Soup Company chapters yet to come and we hope you will join us on our journey!

“Family and community is a core part of our culture and we are thrilled to see Paul and Suzanne continuing that tradition with us”.
- Jamie Lockhart

“One of the things I love about Mitchell’s Soup is being able to include my family. In our first years in Ontario, we worked a lot of hours bringing our soup and sampling at local markets and craft and food shows. Our kids loved helping out. They learned to restock our displays and even to take payment from customers. Because we eat Mitchell’s Soup at home our kids could tell our customers about the soup from their own personal experience.” - Paul Faris

At the Heart of It All

At Mitchell’s Soup Co. we believe the key to our being a unique company is the relationships we build with each other, our customers, and our community. Each of us know we play a significant role in the larger whole.

The difference between having ‘just a job’ and being a part of a meaningful community is this unique culture and character. Our team develops strong relationships in a community built on trust, honesty, diversity, hard work and a large measure of fun!

We genuinely care about each other and value the individual skills, personality and contribution each of us bring to the table. Our hand-made products require artisan skill and character so when you buy one of our mixes you aren’t just buying soup, you’re buying a part of what each of us have to offer.