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Mitchells Soup Co

More Than Just A Food Company

Mitchell's Soup Company is a family owned company in Cowichan Valley B.C. who specializes in making delicious recipes that don’t just nourish the body, but the mind and soul, too. We take pride knowing that all of our recipes are created using the highest-quality ingredients and are triple-tested in our home, before they’re packaged up for yours.

Part of what makes us different is that everything is hand made in small batches and produced on our property, to ensure all of our recipes, from our delicious dessert, dahl and rice dishes, to our tastes-just-like-homemade soups and chilis, are perfect, each and every time. Not only has this allowed us to be involved in the production of our recipes each step of the way, it has given us the privilege of being able to do so with our four beautiful children at our side, too.

They love being involved, from helping us sell our products at the market to helping out in the shop, and we couldn’t be happier knowing our business doesn’t just help us pay the bills, it gives us the opportunity to spend such valuable time with them.

Where It All Began

In a nutshell, it all started with my Mom. Around Y2K, she started stocking up on dried beans and legumes, just in case something happened. When nothing did, she had a substantial quantity of these ingredients on hand. She decided to package them in tubes and sell them at the farmers market a as dried soup mixes. And, voila—the soup business was born!

When she decided to move on to other projects, she asked if I wanted to take over. She made the offer just as I was coming off of a sabbatical with my family, so the timing couldn’t have been any better. I accepted since this would provide an excellent opportunity to do something as a family while teaching the importance of a strong work ethic and money management skills to my children.

I fell in love with the idea of making something with my hands, taking it to a market where you meet the people that are going to buy it, and selling something that will help them feed their family a healthy and delicious meal that my family had a part in making.

What We’re All About

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to create time-honoured recipes with our unique twist, a brand, and a way of life that share a synergy. In doing so, when you buy something from us, you’re also buying a piece of what we believe in, too—dinner isn’t just about it eating, it’s about sharing a meal, stories and a smile with the people you love.

And that’s exactly what all of us at Mitchell’s Soup Co. care about the most—creating a genuine and memorable food experience with modern flair for our customers each time they make one of our recipes.

Vision: To nourish mankind - mind, body, and soul

To meaningfully engage the skills of individuals to create products that partner with our customers in creating a traditional, authentic, artisan food experience

Core Values:

Integrity – We do the right thing for the right reason.

Excellence – We strive to always achieve a standard beyond compare

Respect - Valuing personal diversity while treating all people with dignity

Accountability - Having the courage to take responsibility for all our decisions

Fellowship - Investing in sound relationships for the benefit of all shareholders (Our business, customers, employees, and community)

Creativity - Pursuing innovation and uniqueness in our processes, culture, and products.

Good Stewards – We live and spend well within our means, and avoid borrowing money or entering constraining contracts. We share what we have with those around us.

Hard Work – We live and work with the conviction that hard work is essential in creating meaningful jobs, and creating value for our customers.

Humility – We acknowledge the necessity for a diverse set of skills, opinions, and perspective in creating a meaningful organization. We admit when we are wrong. We desire to be challenged where we need to improve or where we have done wrong.

Fun and Enjoyable – While our days are sure to be filled with challenges, we value an environment that is fun and enjoyable to exist in.

Unconventional yet traditional – We value time tested morals and principals and avoid following the “latest thing” when it comes to business, relationships, and people.

Be Real – We look to be honest and candid with who we are and what we do, desiring to create authentic relationships between business, employee’s and consumers. We avoid the manipulation of image, ideas, products or services to alter perceptions for our gain.