Heart of an Artisan

The Heart of the Artisan

An Artisan is characterized by their skills and having a particular knack for expressing that skill in a unique way, a way that allows people to see a bit of that person in what they do.
Developing into such an artisan takes a stubborn commitment to mastering their craft despite difficulty and hardship. The pursuit of excellence and a passion for the work they do speaks volumes about the driven nature and hard-working character that an individual must possess to succeed.
There are no shortcuts.

Artisan Company Culture

At Mitchell’s Soup Co. we believe that the key to our being a unique company is in the relationships we build with each other, our customers, and our community. Each of us know we play a significant role in the larger whole.
When you buy one of our products you don’t just get the amazing flavours and healthy ingredients found in the mix, you get to experience some of the character, artisan skill, and community our products were thoughtfully created in.