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Cooking Our Mixes
Can you make Mitchell's mixes in a Crock-Pot?
Our soup mixes work great in the Crock-Pot! Here are a couple of tips: the mixes with mostly beans and grains work best; recipes with pasta and rice tend to get mushy if overcooked. Cook on high setting to ensure it is hot enough to cook the beans (see also “Cooking Beans & Legumes”. Cook meat separately to ensure it reaches proper temperatures. If the recipe calls for tomatoes add at the end.
Can you make Mitchell's mixes in the Instant Pot?
Absolutely! In fact, we have created a Facebook Group where you can find all of the recipe conversions.
Visit our group HERE.
Cooking beans & legumes: Is cooking the soup mix for an hour sufficient to kill the lectins?
Beans and legumes should be cooked long enough to be soft which should sufficiently reduce the level of lectins. Some people are more sensitive to lectin levels. In that case, soaking beans and legumes for a few hours prior to cooking may facilitate even lower lectin levels. The actual length of time to cook beans and legumes until soft varies depending on such factors as size of bean, heat level, amount of water used, and even type of pot used.