Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Meals Made Easy!

With a few simple substitutions Mitchell's mixes offer another nutritious, delicious way to enjoy your plant-based diet.

Many of the ingredients in our meal mixes are full of nutrition and protein, making them an excellent option for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. 

Mitchells Soup has a whole selection of products that do not have any added animal by-products. Our mixes are remarkably adaptable so you will find they can very easily be made into nourishing vegan/vegetarian meals with a few ingredient substitutions. 

Please Note: All of Mitchell's products are stored and processed
in a facility that has ingredients containing animal bi-products.

Perfectly Paired With Mitchell's!

Fresh Vegetables

We'll make some suggestions but our mixes are so versatile you can try different veggie combos.

Tofu, Tempeh & Soy Products

Add your favorite plant-based proteins to all your Mitchell's mixes.


Nothing goes better with soup or chili than warm buttered bread!

Nuts & Dried Fruit

Garnish your next Mitchell's meal with a sprinkle of dried nuts or fruit!