Who We Are

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

How it all began & where we are now - Our small business story:

Many years ago at the turn of the millenium in Duncan, British Columbia a woman began to store a large quantity of dried goods including beans and legumes. There was wide-spread worry that come January 1st, 2000 the world could change and not for the better!

Turns out not much changed that day for the world but it did for the woman because she found herself in possession of a large store of dried ingredients and nothing to do with them. Fortunately she had some creative flair and a love of home cooking so she decided to layer the beans and other dried ingredients in tubes to sell at the local market- and voila, the Mitchells Soup concept was born.

A Family Affair:

Since day one Mitchell’s Soup Co. has been a family run business. From the kids helping out in the shop and working the table at farm markets, to family dinners taste testing each and every Mitchell’s mix, we have always been a company whose foundation is built on family relationships and values.

In 2017 the family owned soup shop in Duncan teamed up with another family located in St. Thomas, Ontario and a new chapter in the Mitchell’s Soup Co. story began.

With three generations of family participation in both the Duncan shop and now the St.Thomas branch of Mitchell’s, we have always placed an emphasis on building strong relationships with our families and with our communities.

St. Thomas, Ontario