How do I return an item?

Shipping and Returns:

Shipping Policy:

Mitchell's Soup Company ships anywhere in Canada for absolutely free. Orders will be shipped at a maximum of 14 days from ordering. The average turn around time is 3-6 days from ordering. By processing multiple orders together we dramatically reduce handling and can afford to ship you your items without a handling fee.

Being an Artisan Food Producer means we do not have large warehouse or shipping departments. We are a family business that makes quality products in small batches. In order to maintain the quality in our products we have to create a business model that breaks some of the traditional molds. We apologize if that means you have to wait a little while for the product but it is the only way to ensure you are going to love it when you get it!

Minimum Order

Our online orders have a minimum purchase order of $40.00. This is necessary to enable us to offer online sales to our customers without having to increase product pricing or charge handling fees. Due to the cost of packaging and handling this minimum order allows us to offer our products to our customer through the internet at a great value. At Mitchell's Soup co. one of our main core values is trying to get healthy, tasty food to our customers at a price the average family can afford. Artisan foods at times can come at an expense that is not really affordable for daily consumption. Although our products look great, we always strive to ensure that the product remains good looking food, not great tasting art. Again we know that this is a inconvenience to some, and we apologize, but it is the best way to offer what we have to customers everywhere, without compromising quality.

Returning a Product:
Due to high cost of shipping product returns are not offered on online purchases. In case of defective ( not damaged) product, a credit or refund can be offered.
Please contact us for further assistance.

Damaged product:
Mitchell's Soup Co takes every necessary precaution to ensure that your items will be packaged with ample padding to ensure safe arrival. Due to the fragile nature of this product we can not guarantee safe arrival, and can not control the manner in which the package is treated after it leaves our shop.

Here are the steps we take to protect your products from damage:
- All products are packaged in a new high strength box.
- Product is placed snuggly in sturdy cardboard trays along with bubble wrap as needed.
- A "fragile" sticker is placed on each package.

In the event that these steps were not taken and it results in your products being damaged, a refund or credit can be offered. Please contact us for further assistance.