Mitchell's Fundraising Program

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La collecte de fonds n'a jamais été aussi délicieuse !

It's been our pleasure to work with many teams, clubs and organizations all across Canada over the years to meet their fundraising goals & we've recently upgraded our program!

Our handmade, small-batch meal mixes offer a healthy product choice at an affordable price and our variety of flavours mean there is something for everyone!

If you have a community project or cause and would like to explore fundraising with us, we'd love to hear from you!

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Mitchell's Soup Co. developed a fundraising program to assist community groups all across Canada such as schools, non-profit organizations, charities, sports programs, and community groups in their fundraising efforts. Taking part in our program will earn your organization 35% of your sales!

Fundraisers are available in all Canadian Provinces and Territories.


The program is based on availability.

Atlantic Provinces are serviced by a partner so the program will run slightly differently. Please get in touch to learn more!

We don't yet have fundraising materials for our French-speaking friends but if this is of interest please get in touch and let us know!

Mitchell's Fundraising Program involves the selling of our soup, stew, chili & dessert mixes to family, friends, coworkers and neighbors.

With lots of varieties to choose from everyone can find something they will enjoy. Your supporters can pre-order product(s) online and/or through your sellers during your selling period.

At the end of your campaign, all orders will be shipped to your location allowing you to distribute all purchases to your supporters.

To get started you can fill in our Fundraising Request Form (Click the 'Get Started' button on this page). Once that has been approved we will send over your information package.

The amount that you can make will depend on how many sellers you have and how well you spread the word about your fundraiser. Your group will receive 35% from your sales with no up front costs. Even shipping the ordered products to you is FREE!

(Note: Shipping is free on all orders that meet the 48 unit minimum*)

(Note: All orders are shipped to one central location of your choice to be distributed to customers by you and your organization).

You will be responsible for distributing all orders to your buyers. We will pack and send your order in bulk so your team will then sort out each order to prepare it for pick up by each of your customers.

We will provide a breakdown of what each customer ordered & their contact information so that it is easy to organize each order on your end. Then you can contact your customers to let them know when their order is ready for pick up!

Your customers will have two ways to purchase. One will be to order and pay for their order directly through you or to place their order online and make their order payment through us. We offer you a Fundraiser Portal to input any manual orders your sellers take so that reconciliation and customer order distribution is easy & organized.

At the end of your fundraising campaign, all of the funds you have manually collected will be remitted to us and we will provide a full report outlining all sales. You will receive 35% of the final sales total.

Please note: Atlantic Provinces are serviced by a partner so the program will run slightly differently. Please get in touch to learn more!

At this time we offer our full size Mitchell's soup, stew, chili, rice dish and dessert mixes for your fundraiser. Your organization will receive 35% of the sales.

Note: We typically do not offer seasonal mixes as they are handmade in limited quantities.

Please don't hestitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have!

Alexis - Fundraising Coordinator


Excellent company to work with for fundraising. The process was very straightforward and easy to do. Product arrived quickly and was easy to distribute. I appreciated the different formats of information that were provided. Total number of each soup; list of soups for each supporter and Avery label templates. When I I had questions Alexis quickly answered them for me.

Tammy K.
Hay Lakes Youth Society

What a great way to raise money, the generous 35% of sales made this a no brainer. The soups are popular, sell themselves and appeal to everyone. the support from Mitchells was excellent and the orders once received were easy to sort as they were packaged logically. I can recommend the program to anyone that needs to raise money for their organization.

Gillian M.
St. Dunstans Anglican Church

I found your program one of the easiest to work with. The timing was very quick, and the percentage given to the group is amazing. I am currently looking at a time period to run another FUNdraiser.

Gail D.
Canada Walks for Bladder Cancer

Mitchell's Fundraising Campaign was easily one of the easiest campaigns I have run. The attention to detail and quick turn around was amazing. The profit margin was great and it was exactly the kick start to our fundraising that we needed! Thank you!

Alicia D.
Parkside Collegiate Institute