Instant Pot Recipes

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We have gathered Instant Pot recipes for many of your favourite Mitchell's mixes along with some helpful resources, tips and an FAQ to make pressure cooking a breeze!

Instant Pot Resources

Choosing An Instant Pot

3, 6 or 8 quart? 

With so many options to choose from this handy list will help you decide which IP will suit you best!


What does it all mean? 

This glossary of terms will help you to understand common words, terms and abbreviations used in IP recipes. 

Safety Features

It's always important to be aware of the safety features of your specific IP and to follow all manufacturer recommendations for safe use of your appliance.

Instant Pot Buttons

Find out what all of those pre-programmed buttons mean, what they do and when to use them.

Instant Pot FAQ

The IP used to test and create these recipes was an 8 quart. 

You can use a 6 quart IP but it's important to be sure you do not go over the fill line. You can reduce the amount of fresh ingredients added to reduce your level if needed. 

If using a small 3 quart mini IP you will want to split the package.Description and content for Item 1.

* If your mix has noodles, pinch those off and keep them separate.

* If making Rockin' Moroccan pinch chickpeas & fruit and keep them separate. 

1. Pinch off all ingredients above the soup base & spice blends. 

2. Mix this portion well in a bag or bowl. 

3. Empty soup base & spice blend into a bag or bowl and also mix well. 

4. Split ingredients in half and split soupbase/spice blend mixture in half. 

5. Combine one half of ingrients & soupbase/spice blend mixture and store for later in an airtight jar or bag and use the remaining half. 

*If you have noodles or chickpea/fruit ingredients those can also be split in half. Half to use now and half stored in another airtight container for use later. (These ingredients require a diffent cooking time as noted on the recipe instructions).

Visit the Instant Pot website for detailed information on what this message means and tips on avoiding it! 

Click HERE.

No, the cook time indicates just the necessary amount of time for a recipe to cook, and doesn’t account for the time needed for the Instant Pot to come to pressure.

There are and that's part of why we love it so much! 

To find out more click HERE.

It is recommended to check with the maker of your appliance to find out best cleaning practices. 

If you are using an Instant Pot you can find their recommendations HERE.